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Industry-EU is a digital and print source of media news, views and features devised to give its broadly business-based readership a flavour for all that is current in  industry and beyond.

Our focus is on medium to large enterprises across the whole gamut of European business. With over three decades of experience working with the world’s biggest corporate names, our goal is to share successful business insight with readers of large and small companies alike.

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  • At first we were unsure about this feature and approach but IndustryEU made us feel safe and talked us through their approach and the benefits we would get from doing this. We are very glad that we proceeded and what IndustryEU produced. The professionalism was excellent and a company that we would recommend to anyone looking for editorial or advertising.

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  • From start to finish this was by far one of the best media experiences we have had. The team at IndustryEU listened, took on board what we wanted and the direction we wanted to go with the editorial and produced something that we were over the moon with. We will definitely work with you again and thank you for this great experience.

  • Great experience, well written article and a pleasure to work with. All the best for 2017 IndustryEU.

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Europe, the original industrial heartland of the world – and still a region rich in innovation, home to many of the world’s leading financial institutions and an engineering and manufacturing hotbed. Change is very much afoot on the Continent, with borders re-defined and political change impacting on all facets of society. Industry-EU is there to capture this melting pot of change and how this impacts on business.

Industry-EU provides sharp, concise coverage of every sector of industry from manufacturing, energy supply, aerospace, construction, healthcare, supply chain & logistics through to retail, tourism and financial services.


As a publication with a strong focus on leadership, it will come as no surprise that our circulation of 500,000 per month predominately reaches top executives across the following industry sectors:

Ind-Europe.com covers all facets of European business life from the challenges that start-up companies face through to the latest news from multi-nationals. Our readership by size reflects our diversity in terms of the number of employees and annual revenue turnover figures.






Industry-EU offers a wide range of advertising options to suit your needs both online and in print, including advertisement production when needed, at no extra cost. With a targeted readership of decision makers including CEO’s, finance directors and supply chain directors, Industry-EU can offer effective advertising either independently or matched to editorial.

So whether you are launching a new product, entering a new market or organising a business conference, contact Industry-ME today.

Additionally content opportunities offers a unique and direct way to deliver your key messages to industry through our editorial content. This can be through sponsored editorial and advertorials.

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